Ghiro and Image Forensics Forum is opening

Posted on August 16, 2015 in Blog • 1 min read

Ghiro is an open source project and it is driven by community needs: users feedback has a great value for us.

We always want to provide a comfortable tool for user support: we have IRC chat for real time support and a mailing list for asynchronous question and answer.

Today we are announcing a new support tool: the Ghiro and Image Forensics Forum.

We hope this will be an easy to use way share information, requests and feedback not only about Ghiro but also about any Image Forensics topic.

The forum has several categories, local forums where you can talk in your native language (if a forum for your country is missing, just ask and it will be added), registration with third party account (i.e. google, github), and many other features.


This is relevant to my interests