Cuckoo GSOC: about winners and winners

Posted on May 10, 2015 in Blog • 1 min read

I hope you already know, this year Cuckoo Sandbox joined the Google Summer of Code program thanks to the Honeynet Project.

We proposed two project ideas: a Linux analyzer project and a Mac OS X analyzer project.

We got a lot of submissions, many talented and skilled students applied with their project proposal. Sadly Google gave only 8 slots for all the Honeynet organization, so trying to decide which lucky students would eventually be accepted was an hard task.

Difficult decisions unfortunately had to be made to best use the limited number of slots, so only the best student of all Cuckoo project ideas was selected.

The winner was Dmitry Rodionov with the Mac OS X analyzer project. He will work with me and Jurriaan during this summer to extend Cuckoo analysis capabilities to Mac OS X. If you are interested in, you can follow the progress in a public GitHub repository.

At some point several students who applied to the Linux project started to discuss about the project regarding from the GSOC results, asking for our help on some design ideas. That was amazing to me, they are pushed by curiosity. They are winners too.