Such Cuckoo, much sandbox: dogeon report

Posted on June 08, 2014 in Tools • 2 min read

Several days ago I discovered one of the best projects of this year: dogeon.

DSON (Doge Serialized Object Notation) is a data-interchange format, that is easy to read and write for Shiba Inu dogs. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. It is designed to be as similiar as possible to the `DogeScript Programming Language <>`__. DSON is a text format that is not language independent but uses conventions that are familiar to a wide variety of japanese dog breeds. These properties make DSON an ideal data-interchange language for everything that involves Shiba Inu intercommunication.

Cuckoo is such sandbox, lol malware,  very sandbox. So, I did it.

First of all I found this great library written in Python, because of Shiba Inu code Python.

Writing modules in Cuckoo is amazingly easy, check out the documentation about reporting modules:

I used  json module as a starting point, changing just a few lines, I imported dogeon library and used it to dump the Cuckoo results dict. This is the code (available on Github too):

import os
import dson
import codecs

from lib.cuckoo.common.abstracts import Report
from lib.cuckoo.common.exceptions import CuckooReportError

class DogeonDump(Report):

    def run(self, results):
            path = os.path.join(self.reports_path, "report.doge")
            report =, "w", "utf-8")
            dson.dump(results, report, indent=4)
        except (UnicodeError, TypeError, IOError) as e:
            raise CuckooReportError("Failed to generate Dogeon report: %s" % e

To install this setup requirements with:

pip install dogeon

Copy the reporting module in reporting modules folder, in /modules/reporting. Enable it adding the following lines to reporting.conf, in /conf/reporting.conf:

enabled = yes

Run cuckoo and a report will be like:

    "info" is such
        "category" is "file",
        "package" is "",
        "started" is "2014-06-08 17:52:53",
        "custom" is "",
        "machine" is such
            "shutdown_on" is "2014-06-08 17:53:58",
            "label" is "cuckoo01",
            "manager" is "VirtualBox",
            "started_on" is "2014-06-08 17:52:53",
            "id" is 1,
            "name" is "cuckooosx"
        "ended" is "2014-06-08 17:53:58",
        "version" is "1.2-dev",
        "duration" is 65,
        "id" is 1
    "signatures" is so many,
    "static" is such wow,
    "dropped" is so
            "yara" is so many,

Please, use doge power with care.