hostmap 0.2 released

Posted on December 17, 2009 in Tools • 1 min read

I am glad to release hostmap version 0.2.


hostmap is a free, automatic, hostnames and virtual hosts discovery tool written in Ruby and licensed under GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). It’s goal is to enumerate all hostnames and configured virtual hosts on an IP address. The primary users of hostmap are professionals performing vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.


Some of the new features include:

  • Fully refactored and rewritten in Ruby.
  • User requested interrupt (CTRL+C) now is handled.
  • Added Rakefile to automatize task. For example readme and API documentation rebuilding.
  • Changed info gathering plugin architecture. Now using PlugMan library.
  • Added some host names to brute forcing dictionaries.
  • Added parsing of alternate subject (subjectAltName) from X.509 certificates.
  • Added info gathering plugin using
  • Added wildcard domains detection.
  • Added wildcard X.509 certificate detection.
  • Added -d option to use a user supplied list of DNS servers
  • Added blacklist for second level TLD (for example detection.
  • Added an enumeration plugin to use Microsoft Bing via API. API key must be provided in configuration file.
  • Added a configuration file (hostmap.conf) to keep user settings.
  • Added option —http-ports to specify the ports to check for an HTTP/HTTPS service.

See the complete list of changes at


hostmap user’s manual: